ORION® Cellular LTE-M Endpoint

Source: Badger Meter

The ORION® Cellular LTE-M endpoint is an evolution in AMI technology, strengthened by the Network as a Service (NaaS) approach. The innovative endpoint utilizes existing IoT (Internet of Things) cellular infrastructure to efficiently and securely accomplish two-way communication of meter reading data via the LTE-M cellular network.


  • AMI Without the Infrastructure: NaaS solution utilizes existing IoT cellular infrastructure to efficiently and securely deliver meter reading data to the utility via the reliable cellular network, eliminating the need for standard, utility-owned infrastructure
  • Decreases Ongoing Maintenance: Uses secure, commercial cellular networks, eliminating costly infrastructure, gateway installation and ongoing maintenance
  • Endpoint Communication: Designed to call in four times each workday and features a configurable schedule that enables utility customers to select call-in times that best support their processes all managed through the BEACON® AMA software suite