News | March 22, 2018

OriginClear Delivers First Commercial Unit In China For Ammonia Removal

The system is currently treating waste water for an automotive parts manufacturer in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province

OriginClear Inc. a leading provider of water treatment solutions, recently announced that the company has delivered and commissioned its first commercial system in China. The unit is now helping the manufacturing site meet required quality standards for wastewater. OriginClear’s system effectively removes levels of ammonia which are both high and variable, from a continuous flow of wastewater generated by a chrome-plating process.

The unit delivered is an Advanced Oxidation (AOx) system model AO30, with maximum processing capacity of 30 m3 (or 8,100 gallons) per day.

Mr. Ye Feng, Senior Engineer at the client’s solution provider, Zhejiang Renxin Huankeyuan Co., Ltd., stated, “We are extremely happy with the performance of the AO30 unit and the support OriginClear provided during installation. The ammonia level in this effluent varies significantly, and we believe that OriginClear’s AOx technology is the perfect answer to this highly challenging issue.”

The AO30 unit has demonstrated its ability to degrade ammonia from levels varying between 50 and 200 ppm, to under 5 ppm (parts per million).

Stephen Jan, Director of OriginClear Technologies Ltd., OriginClear’s wholly-owned subsidiary and master licensee for China, directly oversaw the construction and commissioning on site. He added: “We are very pleased with this first commercial delivery. We are now able to provide local references to our future partners and their clients.”

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Source: OriginClear Inc.