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Organica Water Selected For The 2019 Global Cleantech 100 List

Out of almost 14,000 innovators spread throughout 93 countries, Organica Water is chosen for the 2019 Global Cleantech 100 company list for a sixth time

Princeton, NJ /PRNewswire/ - Organica Water, a global provider of innovative solutions for the treatment and recycling of wastewater, is excited to announce that the company was named by Cleantech Group in the prestigious 2019 Global Cleantech 100.

"We have a culture of systemic innovation at Organica," said Ari Raivetz, CEO, Organica Water. "If you want to change an industry and a dynamic like that, you have to build that into the culture of the business. Being recognized on the 100 list as a leader of innovation, helps us further build that into our culture and the industry. This is a huge accomplishment and we're extremely honored to be chosen by Cleantech."

For the 10th year running, Cleantech Group presented the annually-refreshed Global Cleantech 100 list, a showcase of companies which are most likely to have a big commercial impact in a 5-10-year time span. These companies represent the most innovative and promising ideas and are best positioned to solve tomorrow's clean technology challenges today.

"Water innovation companies have similarly gone out of fashion, fading from over 10% of the first eight editions to having just two representatives in 2019 (Axine and Organica Water, appearing for the fourth and sixth times respectively). This strongly suggests the early-stage pipeline is not being replenished like it was in the 2000s," said Richard Youngman, CEO, Cleantech Group.

The complete list of 100 companies was revealed on January 28, 2019 at the 17th annual Cleantech Forum in San Francisco. The list contains the companies best positioned to solve the future's cleantech challenges and make an impact on the market. Get the complete report here. This year not only marks the 10th edition of the list, but the sixth time Organica Water has appeared on it.

About Organica Water
Organica Water is a global provider of innovative solutions for the treatment and recycling of wastewater. Organica's portfolio of solutions for wastewater treatment covers the full value chain, from Design (utilizing its Design Generator software) to Facility construction (leveraging the Organica Food Chain Reactor solution) and Operations Management (focused on its Digital Services offering).

About Cleantech Group
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