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Organica Water Adds Free Activated Sludge Preliminary Engineering Documentation To Its Hosted Design Platform

Today Organica Water has introduced several major enhancements to its Organica Central Station (OCS) hosted design platform, which enables technical and non-technical personnel in the wastewater industry to enter basic inputs and receive complete preliminary engineering documentation for wastewater treatment plants.

"From the time a request is made for a wastewater feasibility study, professionals and engineers within municipalities, utilities, EPCs and consulting engineers can wait weeks to receive the initial set of engineering documents.  After receiving the initial docs and examining them, invariably multiple scenarios are then requested to evaluate an ever changing regulatory environment and ecosystem.  In total that process can take months." said Organica's CEO Ari Raivetz.  "With OCS, that process is literally reduced down to hours.  Organica and its partners and customers have been using the tool for years to compare and evaluate the feasibility of future projects and alternative processes by creating multiple engineering designs, one after another, using different input variables. The results speak for themselves. Organica saved ~$1.0M USD in 2015 by creating more than 300 preliminary designs with OCS. The tool completely transforms how the industry evaluates wastewater treatment options and alternatives. And now we are introducing a free version which produces preliminary engineering designs for both Conventional Activated Sludge (CAS) WWTPs and localized Organica-powered facilities."

An efficient and time saving cloud service used by WWTP engineers around the world, OCS starts by validating data using a set of proprietary algorithms that analyze input data and characterize the wastewater. Following data validation, process units are selected and the tool leverages an industry-standard simulator used by wastewater professionals for more than 20 years. The Activated Sludge process model used in the simulation was built by the leading authority on wastewater modeling, Imre Takacs of Dynamita. Once the simulation is complete the tool moves on to equipment selection, and finally builds a 3D CAD model of the facility to produce civil and architectural documents.  The engineering ruleset in the tool was developed by a team of engineers with hundreds of years of experience designing and operating WWTPs all over the world.  

Features of Organica Central Station's Release:

Express Membership - Free cloud service built for non-technical and technical wastewater professionals to generate preliminary engineering design documents for CAS WWTPs.  

  • Design within Hours:  Design documents are emailed to users within hours of their submission.
  • Unlimited Designs:  Express members can submit an unlimited number of designs based on as many design input variations as they wish.
  • Design Documents: Documents generated by OCS Express include: CAS Equipment List, CAS Process Flow, CAS Site Plan, and an Alternative Technology Comparison.

Premium Membership - Free cloud service built for WWTP professionals looking for more design control by entering specific influent and effluent values, as well as an expanded array of engineering documents for both Conventional Activated Sludge or an Organica-powered WWTP.

  • Design within Hours:  All designs submitted are completed within hours of their submission.
  • Dashboard:  A centralized dashboard which stores all the designs members have generated with OCS Premium.
  • Unlimited Designs:  Premium members can submit an unlimited number of designs based on as many design input variations as they wish.
  • Activated Sludge or Organica-powered WWTP Design Documents:  Premium members can select which type of WWTP design they wish to create.  Documents generated by OCS Premium may include:  Process Flow Diagram, Technical Description, Equipment List, P&ID, General Arrangement, 3D View, Civil Bill of Quantities, Lower Level Floorplan, Upper Level Floorplan, Site Plan Sections, Load List, OPEX Calculations, Design Basis, Room Schedule and Technology Comparison.

"We have always prided ourselves as being one of the leading innovators in the wastewater industry. Organica was the first company to bring large scale "localized" WWTPs to the middle of a city or community, and we now have over 85 facilities in places like Shanghai, Kolkata, Budapest, Jakarta, and Manila.  The release of OCS as a free preliminary engineering design tool is another breakthrough, which we believe will ultimately change the way the industry designs WWTPs" said Organica Founder Attila Bodnar. "By decreasing the time it takes for an initial feasibility study from months down to days, decision makers can spend more time evaluating the best solutions for their needs.  In the end, isn't that what any decision maker would want?"

Pricing and Availability 
OCS Express and OCS Premium are free to all users who successfully register for these services. Both services are available as of April 20, 2016. In order to use the services, a user should visit and choose the service that best suits their needs.

About Organica
Organica is a provider of cost and space efficient solutions for biological wastewater treatment. With over 18 years of history and 80+ references in operation/ under construction, Organica provides facility design, specialty equipment, and the ecosystem for local companies to deliver projects. Organica-powered wastewater treatment plants are garden-like water treatment facilities that are seamlessly integrated, architecturally, technologically and socially into the urban and residential environments.

For more information about Organica you can email or follow @OrganicaWater

Source: Organica Water, Inc

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