News | November 18, 2020

OptiRTC Retained By The City Of Redmond WA, In Partnership With Osborn Consulting, Inc., To Improve Downstream Health And Water Quality Within The Monticello Watershed

Monticello Watershed

OptiRTC, a leader in forecast-based control of distributed stormwater infrastructure through cloud-based solutions, has been retained by the City of Redmond WA, in cooperation with Osborn Consulting, Inc., to design and install multiple Opti active control systems on ponds within the Monticello Watershed.

The City of Redmond wants to improve flow duration control performance of the pond system to better mimic pre-development flows in order to improve downstream health for benthic macroinvertebrates and sensitive fish species.

Opti recently gained approval from the Washington Department of Ecology’s Technology Assessment Protocol – Ecology (TAPE) program for use of Opti technology to meet the State’s Flow Duration Control (FDC) requirements. Opti technology optimizes the performance of existing facilities by leveraging forecast information with onsite sensors; allowing adaptive use of the full storage volume available to mimic flow patterns that existed prior to land development. By limiting and controlling outflows, Opti is able to minimize erosion and flashiness in the downstream channel (often greater than 50% improvement from passive condition), improving habitat for species of concern.

In addition to the pilot project in the Monticello Watershed, the City of Redmond has expanded Opti’s work with a project to investigate real-time controls to optimize an underground detention and infiltration system in the Overlake Village drainage system.

Washington State has a Flow Duration Control mandate for Phase I communities and may expand into Phase II communities in the future.

“The City of Redmond is committed to restoring stream health for its residents,” said David Rubinstein, CEO of OpticRTC. “Opti’s approved technology allows the City to achieve this goal without building expensive new facilities or purchasing additional land to expand existing facilities. We look forward to providing significant enhancements in the health of Redmond’s watersheds and expanding these benefits to other Phase I and II communities in Western Washington.”

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Source: OptiRTC