Article | January 30, 2014

Onsite Wastewater Treatment Technologies To Be Considered For Large And Small Projects

Source: Bio-Microbics, Inc.

Technologies offer superior onsite wastewater treatment

There is a greater need to raise awareness for better sanitation, water reuse, and storm water solutions with better simple, low-cost, robust technology.  

Decentralized Wastewater Systems are pre-designed systems used for collection, treatment, and dispersal/reuse of wastewater at or near the point (onsite) of waste generation (See the Consortium of Institutes for Decentralized Wastewater Treatment  (CIDWT) website Glossary for further information). Often thought of as small flow systems for use mainly on rural homes, larger decentralized wastewater systems are ideal for clustered subdivisions (neighborhoods), isolated communities (villages), commercial properties (restaurants/resorts), industrial facilities, institutional facilities (Hospitals), and marine vessels/offshore platforms are included among the types of treatment practices utilized.

These “alternative wastewater disposal systems” reduce groundwater pollution by decomposing organic wastes or removing nutrients more effectively. With conventional, “decentralized” septic systems, only 10%-40% of treatment actually occurs in the tank. Whereas, advanced wastewater treatment systems, such as our FAST® systems, does 90%-95% of the treatment before discharging to the environment. The natural treatment process of these advanced systems use a fixed, integrated approach to physically and naturally reduce pollutants found in water flows and ideal for Groundwater Recharge Projects. Therefore, close proximity to ground water source is not a problem for these systems.