Datasheet | April 28, 2017

OMNI™ Verification (V²) Portable Test Meter Datasheet

Source: Sensus, a Xylem brand

Mechanical water meters gradually wear down and lose accuracy, preventing you from realizing full revenue potential. Typically, large meters in commercial and industrial services often represent 40 to 60 percent of your revenue, so maintaining their performance is crucial to your operations. The new Sensus® OMNI™ Verification (V2 ) portable test meter gives you a fast and efficient solution to test the accuracy and performance of your large meters.

Sensus OMNI V2 test meters will quickly become an important part of your water system’s maintenance operation. Piping and flow pattern irregularities can influence your meters’ accuracy and testing them in-line provides a truer indication of in-service accuracy. With OMNI V2 , you no longer have to take your meters out of service to test them. The OMNI V2 test meter provides accurate, systematic and timely testing, enabling the optimum performance of your water distribution system. OMNI V2 performs testing across low, medium and high flow ranges from 0.5 – 500 gpm.