OEM Leaders Weigh In On Water's Future

OEM Leaders Weigh In On Water’s Future

Working in original equipment manufacturing (OEM) and making the parts and subsystems to be utilized in other company’s products can grant a unique perspective of the trajectory of a given industry.

Those at Revere Control Systems lend their engineering design expertise to produce control panels that are utilized in the water industry’s most innovative equipment. By collaborating with so many different companies, the Revere team has developed a robust sense of where things are headed.

“The next thing that I feel like is going to happen and should happen is zero discharge from the wastewater plant, where you’re recovering your phosphorous and you get the nitrates out,” said Leelon Scott, the director of OEM business development with Revere Control Systems, during an interview with Water Online Radio. “I see that energy recovery, water reuse, is a huge thing. Zero discharge is the ultimate goal. I think we can get there, if the equipment manufacturers can come up with economical ways to remove those compounds and stuff.”

Gary Hine, an account manager for Revere’s OEM division, echoed Scott’s prediction of that future and mentioned the role he hopes to play in realizing it.

“Some don’t have that ability, and we want to make ourselves, as an OEM supplier and integrator, generate that technology for them and engineering capabilities, so they can focus on their equipment and what’s coming up in the next five or ten years,” he said.

To hear more about the pair’s predictions for the water industry and ways in which Revere hopes to contribute to the future, tune in below.

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