News | August 31, 2015

Oasys Water Debuts The ClearFlo Complete, A High-Performance Zero Liquid Discharge Solution

Leading Water Industry Innovator Now Offering Industrial ZLD Technology Delivering More Effective Solution to Major Industry Challenge

Oasys Water, a world leader committed to developing innovative solutions for transforming abused industrial wastewater into valuable freshwater resources, recently unveiled its ClearFlo Complete, which provides the highest-performing choice for customers requiring a Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) solution. The ClearFlo Complete extends Oasys Water’s family of ClearFlo Water Transformation Solutions, which are specifically designed to tackle a diverse set of wastewater challenges across a range of geographies and industrial applications.

With the World Economic Forum citing water scarcity as the #1 global risk in 2015 and beyond, there is an increasing urgency for cost-effective solutions that enable new methods of water reuse while meeting stringent discharge requirements, especially in industrial scenarios. Deploying effective ZLD solutions has traditionally been a difficult and expensive proposition due to the complexities of the wastewater streams generated by industrial activities and the difficulties of converting the entirety of this wastewater back into a quality sufficient for reuse.

Oasys Water’s innovative ClearFlo Complete solution simplifies this ZLD effort by significantly increasing the amount of water that can be recovered by membrane processes, thereby minimizing the use of costly and challenging thermal technologies. While standard ZLD systems typically only recover some of the water by using conventional membrane processes, Oasys’ ClearFlo Complete incorporates its ClearFlo Membrane Brine Concentrator (MBC) technology to recover more than 90% of fresh water in a simple and reliable membrane process, leaving a greatly reduced water volume to be recovered by the more costly and energy-intensive crystallization process. The ClearFlo Complete is an integrated end-to-end solution combining a pretreatment step with the ClearFlo MBC and adding a greatly reduced capacity crystallizer, that together provide a complete liquid recovery solution. Finally, industrial customers have a cost-effective solution for avoiding the discharge of challenging waste streams while providing a reliable source of freshwater for continual reuse.

“The combination of rapidly increasing water scarcity and the need to reduce massive global industrial water pollution challenges demands the water industry respond with solutions that can tackle these issues in a cost-effective manner,” said Jim Matheson, president and CEO of Oasys Water. “With the ClearFlo Complete, Oasys extends its cutting edge ClearFlo technology platform, this time in the form of an affordable ZLD solution for a wide range of applications for our global customers and partners. And we expect to offer additional innovative solutions in the near future as the ClearFlo technology platform continues to expand. By delivering cutting edge innovation, Oasys is delivering on its commitment to lessening the impact of the global water crisis on every continent.”

Oasys’ ClearFlo Complete, delivers more reliable, lower cost complete liquid recovery for complex wastewater streams from 300 m3/day to >10,000 m3/day. Oasys works together with its best-in-class EPC and crystallizer technology partners to design and deliver the ClearFlo Complete, providing a ZLD solution with superior operating flexibility for dealing with changes in water composition, application, flow, and upstream plant issues. The ClearFlo Complete is ideally suited for complex wastewater applications such as coal power flue gas desulfurization (FGD), cooling tower blowdown (CTBD), oil and gas, mining, textile processing, and saline chemical process wastewater recovery and reuse.

With dwindling freshwater resources creating dire situations around the world, especially in China and India where the most stringent water reuse and discharge regulations are currently in effect, governments have issued strict water reuse mandates for a variety of industrial sectors. This situation is leading to the rapid rise in demand for ZLD technologies. As a result of these regulations, the Huaneng Group selected Oasys and Beijing Woteer to provide a ClearFlo Complete solution for its state-of-the-art Changxing Power Plant, to transform 630 m3/day of complex FGD and CTBD wastewater, reducing both the intake of local surface water and the outflow of industrial wastewater. This cutting edge undertakingmarks China’s first commercial use of a Forward Osmosis-based ZLD system and is setting the benchmark for industrial ZLD solutions globally.

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About Oasys Water, Inc.
Oasys Water is committed to helping solve the world’s most pressing challenge: Water. With a vision to create an abundant supply of fresh water for the entire planet, Oasys is developing innovative solutions for transforming abused wastewater in industrial markets around the world.

Beginning with the first-in-the-world ClearFlo Membrane Brine Concentrator (MBC), the Oasys family of ClearFlo Water Transformation Solutions also includes ClearFlo Complete, a revolutionary Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) technology. With additional solutions under development, the ClearFlo family is delivering results that will be instrumental in creating a sustainable global future.

Established in 2009, Oasys Water is headquartered in Boston’s Industrial Innovation District with offices, projects and partnerships around the world. For more information, visit

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