News | June 21, 2007

North American Green Introduces HydraCX2® Cotton Fiber Reinforced Matrix


Evansville, IN — North American Green introduces HydraCX2 Cotton Fiber Reinforced Matrix, the first product in its new HydraMatriCx® line of cotton-fiber, hydraulic erosion control products. HydraCX2 was developed in cooperation with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and Cotton Incorporated.

HydraCX2 is hydraulically applied for temporary erosion protection and permanent vegetation establishment on sloping areas. Its all-natural, cotton-fiber matrix contours to the uneven surfaces of the earth to immediately protect soil against heavy wind and rain, even on steep slopes. In large-scale, slope erosion-control testing (ASTM6459), the product proved to be 99.6% effective at controlling soil loss. It quickly establishes germination and serves as a vegetative medium that promotes growth for permanent protection.

A 2006 Auburn University grass growth study concluded that HydraCX2 establishes grass seed more quickly and promotes grass growth better than wood, paper, or synthetic mulches. The natural absorbency of cotton in HydraCX2 holds an optimal amount of moisture to promote seed-to-soil contact for germination. The product's cross-hatching matrix provides air space and porosity for seedlings to push through without barrier.

It is completely non-toxic, provides nutrients for vegetation, and adds nitrogen to the soil, instead of initially depleting it, as paper and wood hydromulches do.

HydraCX2 can be used for nearly any slope erosion control situation. It is ideal for environmentally sensitive areas, hard-to-reach areas, uneven surfaces, and steep slopes (2:1 and 1:1). HydraCX2 has a natural-looking, deep-green color that provides an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

The product is cost effective compared to other mulches, because a larger area of coverage can be obtained per tank load. Additionally, HydraCX2 requires less water for mixing than other high-performance hydromulches. It also agitates instantly, can be applied in one step together with seed and soil amendments, and is easy to clean up.

SOURCE: North American Green