NoMonia Biotreatment Solutions

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NoMonia Biotreatment Solutions

NoMonia is a dual-stage engineered biotreatment process that relies on naturally occurring bacteria. Typically, the amount of ammonia that can be oxidized during the natural nitrification process is limited by oxygen availability and its saturation level in the water.

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NoMonia successfully addresses the oxygen requirement for waters with high ammonia levels. These microorganisms are given precise levels of nutrients and dissolved oxygen to thrive and achieve complete nitrification - the conversion of ammonia to nitrate without the presence of any nitrite.

NoMonia functions as a single process across two distinct, but integrated treatment stages. The operation of multiple units in unison provides a comprehensive treatment process to transform contaminated groundwater to safe potable water for human consumption.

The NoMonia process includes two stages:

  • Aerated contactor: gravel filled atmospheric vessel where oxygen is introduced and most microbial activity takes place.
  • Media biofilter: Pressurized filtration media filled vessel where polishing bacterial activity and filtration of oxidized metals takes place.

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