Next Generation Of Virus Removal Filters


Planova™ S20N is the next generation regenerated cellulose virus filter that’s ready for any challenges. S20N promises “superior” filtration performance for various types of biotherapeutic products, “secure” robust virus removal capability, and “simplified” operation for your post-use integrity test. We endeavor to contribute to further improvement of operations and the greater safety of biologicals.

Specifications & Parameters

  Effective surface area (m²)
  1.0 0.3 0.1 0.01 0.001
Component Hollow fiber membrane Cuprammonium regenerated cellulose
Housing and headers Polycarbonate
Sealant Polyurethane
O-rings Silicone
Balloon caps Silicone -*1
Nozzle plugs Silicone -
Nozzle stoppers Silicone -
Gaskets*2 Silicone -
Ferrule caps Polycarbonate -
Balloon cap holders Polycarbonate -
Threaded Clamps Clamp bolts Polypropylene -
Clamp nuts Polypropylene -
Luer lock plugs - Polypropylene
Nozzle caps - Silicone
Supplied as Filled with purifled water
Sterilization Method Autoclaving
Packaging Format Packed individually in sterilization bags
Operating Pressure(TMP) 216 kPa (31.3psi)
Operating pH 3-9
Biological Safety Conformance with USP standards for class VI plastics

*1 Not applicable
*2 Gaskets are used for connecting quick clamps to nozzles of Planova™ S20N filters with effective surface areas of 1.0, 0.3 and 0.1m²

The table below lists the catalog number for Planova™ S20N virus removal filters:

  Effective Surface Area (m²) Catalog No.
Planova™ S20N
1.0 S20-LF10
0.3 S20-3000
0.1 S20-1000
0.01 S20-0100
0.001 S20-0010