News | August 30, 2017

Next Generation Multi-Log LX-2 From FCS With Remote 3G Telemetry


Remote programming and firmware upgrades eliminate water monitoring site visits

The new MultiLog LX-2 from FCS is a battery-powered, multiple channel data logger for flow and pressure monitoring in water distribution networks. The next generation device builds on the monitoring capabilities of its predecessor, the MultiLog, with the addition of remote data transfer and upgraded processing abilities.

In addition to digital and analog inputs, MultiLog LX-2 has a serial input that enables it to connect easily to a wide range of leak noise and ultrasonic level sensors and water meters. Multiple recording options can capture a mixture of minimum, maximum, average or spot values in each sample interval. Resulting data can be transferred wirelessly to the FCS secure DataGate web based portal, and easily accessed from any internet enabled device.

A five-year battery life, along with remote programming and firmware upgrades eliminate the need for expensive and time consuming site visits. MultiLog LX-2 is designed to fit inside very shallow valve box installations, and IP68 rated fully waterproof.

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About FCS:
FCS, a division of Halma Water Management, is the North American industry leader in water leak detection technology. FCS was the first organization to patent leak correlation technology, and today its products are installed with over 1000 utilities throughout the United States.