Next Generation Membranes For Water Reuse

Next Generation Membranes For Water Reuse

Born out of UCLA and the California Inner Systems Institute, Water Planet is focused on revolutionizing water reuse through next generation membrane technology. As Erik Hoek, CEO of Water Planet, explains in this Water Online Radio interview, the company has two core technologies.

Polycera is a plastic membrane which offers the performance characteristics you would typically associate with ceramic materials. “It’s a polymer material,” explains Hoek, “so it’s much more cost-effective to manufacture.” To get better quality water with low energy and op expense, the Polycera membrane aids the reuse of reclaimed water through its hydrophilicity and robustness.

Intelliflux is artificial intelligence-based control software. The core selling point is the fact that it’s platform independent and can be used with any membrane or media filtration process.

To learn more about how Intelliflux works and the benefits of Polycera, listen here:

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