News | February 20, 2017

New Valve Technical Handbook Provides Valuable Resource For GF Piping Customers

Source: GF Piping Systems
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GF Piping Systems (GF) has introduced a comprehensive 200-page, Valve Technical Handbook that provides a valuable new resource for customers seeking detailed valve information in an all inclusive document. Over 20 manual valves and 22 actuated valves in a variety of styles are covered. These include ball, 3-way-ball, diaphragm, butterfly, check and angle seat valves, as well as pressure regulating valves and rotameters.

The first section of the in-depth handbook walks the reader through the process of proper thermoplastic valve selection for a given application ‒ taking into account the process media to be used, required flow rate, valve control requirements, capability of valve to handle maximum pressure and temperature, and actuation and maintenance considerations. Easy-to-read charts summarize these important factors to make the valve selection process easier.

The handbook next examines specialty and custom valves as well as spare parts and provides a quick visual summary of all GF manual and actuated valves showing available materials and sizes, again in easy-to-use and compare chart formats. Detailed technical information is then provided for each valve that includes specifications, options, pressure temperature curves, flow characteristic charts, Cv Values, dimensional information and informative cut-aways.

"This is an excellent new resource for our customer‘s digital or print bookshelf, " says Jeffrey Sixsmith, Product Manager for Valves and Actuation for GF Piping Systems. "It’s basically a single source reference book that makes it extremely easy for our customers to access technical valve information. It’s just the most recent addition to the many tools GF already provides ‒ the ‘Downloads and Tools’ and ‘Resource Center’ sections of the web site currently provide many other valuable resources. "

The full-color handbook is available in both digital and print format. Users can download the digital edition from the company’s website home page or at .

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SOURCE: GF Piping Systems