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New Smart Sensor Electronics Offer Superior Diagnostics And Accuracy For Improved pH/ORP Monitoring And Control

Source: GF Piping Systems
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GF Piping Systems has added a new measurement solution to its already extensive analytical instrumentation product line with the new Signet 2751 DryLoc pH/ORP Smart Sensor Electronics. The 2751 offers increased accuracy for pH/ORP monitoring and control by alerting users to probe health, including needed maintenance, glass impedance and broken glass detection. Suitable applications include water and wastewater recycling, neutralization systems, scrubbers, effluent monitoring, pool and spa, and aquatic animal life support systems.

When used with either the Signet 9900 Transmitter (Gen IV), 9950 Dual Channel Transmitter, or Signet 0486 Profibus Concentrator, the 2751 virtually eliminates inaccurate pH/ORP readings by automatically monitoring electrode condition and generating an alert to potential problems before they become serious.

“Automatic alert capability is a huge benefit in preventing costly problems before they occur, while at the same time reducing maintenance costs and optimizing pH/ORP monitoring accuracy,” says Dave Vollaire, GF Piping Systems Instrumentation Product Manager.

In addition to its powerful automatic health monitoring function, the 2751 features remote calibration using GF’s 9900 battery-operated pH calibrator, 9900 or 9950 Transmitters. With remote calibration, the user can quickly and easily unplug an aged/dirty electrode in the process line and replace it with a clean, pre-calibrated electrode from the lab. Remote calibration allows the necessary time for electrode inspection, cleaning and conditioning in a controlled environment rather than in the field, reducing both system downtime and employee time in the field. Field-free calibration also minimizes electrode exposure at the point of installation, thereby maximizing electrode sensitivity, response time, accuracy and service life.

Other outstanding performance features include pH measurement ranges of -1 to 15 and ORP ranges of -1999 to +1999 millivolts. The current loop is scalable with alarm indication over the entire measurement range and is compatible (limited functions) with existing 8900/9900 and current loop systems. The 2751 is available in three package styles – one submersible and two in-line versions.

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SOURCE: GF Piping Systems