News | July 3, 2017

New Portable Arsenic Analyzer Offers Accurate And Reliable Detection Of Arsenic Anytime And Anywhere


As the leader in real-time water quality analysis, Aqua Metrology Systems (AMS) is now offering a portable arsenic analyzer providing accurate, economical and reliable detection of arsenic anywhere and anytime. While current analytical methods are suitable for ensuring regulatory compliance, the SafeGuard™ Explorer™ was developed to meet the market’s need for a rapid, low-cost and quantitative method of monitoring arsenic.

Commercially available, non-laboratory-based arsenic monitoring technologies have been limited in their utility and widespread implementation. Online analyzers are not mobile and have a high capital cost that is prohibitive for smaller utilities and organizations that do not require high frequency monitoring. Traditional field-based methods require subjective manual color comparison that leads to inconsistent results and may produce a toxic gas as a hazardous by product.

“We set out to address the drawbacks of existing monitoring technologies and increase access to a low-cost solution for arsenic monitoring with the development of the SafeGuard Explorer system,” said Rick Bacon, CEO, Aqua Metrology Systems. “Our nanoband technology, with more than a decade of successful use in our market-leading MetalGuard™ and SafeGuard™ trace metals analyzers, has been applied to this new portable analyzer design. The battery-powered analyzer, which is housed in a rugged transport case, facilitates the detection of arsenic at an unbelievably economical cost per sample of USD$2. Compared to a laboratory that can take up to two weeks to return results, the SafeGuard Explorer performs rapid, repeatable and reliable analysis of arsenic down to 1 ppb in less than 15 minutes.”

SOURCE: Aqua Metrology Systems