News | January 17, 2018

New Parkson University Video Series Teaches Wastewater Treatment Basics With Entertaining Videos

Playful and easy to follow videos suitable for both beginners and experienced professionals

Fort Lauderdale, FL (PRWEB) - Parkson Corporation is pleased to announce the release of Parkson University – a new, educational video series which reviews the basics of wastewater treatment and is geared towards both beginners and experienced wastewater industry professionals. A sign of true expertise is the ability to explain complex ideas simply and Parkson has done it with these easy to follow and entertaining videos.

While there are numerous resources for industry operators, engineers, students and the public to learn about wastewater treatment, many of these sources fail to start at the beginning and teach from the ground up. This video series does the opposite, starting with the very basics and working up through much more technical subjects and the science of treatment, explained simply.

Whether you don’t know the first thing about what happens when you flush the toilet, or you’re an engineer or operator with 20+ years of experience under your belt, there is certainly something in this series for you. From general contents of wastewater, to measuring biological oxygen demand (BOD) and total suspended solids (TSS), to the science behind the anaerobic digestion process, these videos take a holistic approach to the treatment process. We first answer WHY we are treating what we treat and then review HOW we treat it, in a way anyone can understand.

Visit Parkson’s YouTube channel for the full list of videos at If you have any questions or suggestions for future video topics please contact Lydia Ebert at or post in the YouTube video comments section.

About Parkson:

Parkson Corporation, with offices in Fort Lauderdale, FL; Golden, CO; Chicago, IL; Kansas City, MO; and Dubai, UAE, is a supplier of equipment and solutions for potable water, process water, and industrial and municipal wastewater applications. Parkson designs, engineers, and assembles the products it sells into the municipal wastewater and industrial wastewater segments. The company was founded in 1960 and has been owned by Axel Johnson Inc. since 1967.


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