News | October 17, 2019

New Disaster Response System Can Save Lives In Disaster Situations

A new option is now available for anyone needing safe water and disinfectant in an emergency situation, such as a natural disaster.

WaterStep, a nonprofit that implements water projects and equips people with tools and training in water purification, sanitation, health education, and well repair, has launched the "Water on Wheels" Disaster Response system (or, WOW Cart). The WOW Cart is a portable, mini water treatment system that can quickly be deployed and contains all of the components needed to provide not only large amounts of safe water, but also powerful disinfectant. The WOW Cart is easily deployed and simple to operate, and it includes its own power supply options and water distribution and storage capabilities.

The WOW Cart is ideal for anyone in the U.S. or abroad needing to provide water and disinfectant in a disaster situation until infrastructure is restored, including Emergency Response Management, NGO and Corporate Disaster Relief Teams, and hospital, clinic and nursing home officials.

Developed by engineers and tested by the EPA, the WOW Cart includes WaterStep's M-100 Chlorine Generator, which provides up to 10,000 gallons per day of safe water for drinking, showering, cooking, and cleaning. The Cart also includes Bleach Makers that produce concentrated disinfectant used to stop the spread of disease and sanitize clinics, kitchens, and shelters.

The WOW Cart received the 2018 Federal Labs Consortium CRADA Success Award with U.S. EPA and Homeland Security. The first version was developed after a water main break severely affected the Louisville Metro Corrections facility years ago that almost forced all the inmates to be moved. The city called on WaterStep to help, and now they own a WOW Cart so they are prepared should something ever compromise the facility's water in the future.

About WaterStep
WaterStep, headquartered in Louisville, KY, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that believes everyone should have access to safe water and sanitation. WaterStep implements water projects and equips people with tools and training in water purification, disaster relief, sanitation, health education, and well repair. WaterStep has brought safe water to more than 3 million people in more than 50 countries. For more information, visit

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