Download | December 12, 2013


Source: Neptune Technology Group Inc.

With an aging workforce and infrastructure, pressure on budgets, water demand vs. need for conservation – the water industry has many challenges. Neptune never stops innovating, so you don’t need to face these challenges alone. We allow you to do more with the resources you have. Innovation forward with backward compatibility provides the tools you need to meet today’s challenges while allowing you to meet your unique needs at your own pace.

Neptune’s AMR and AMI Systems are helping our customers protect their assets, optimize their operations, and turn data into meaningful information. In this issue, we’ll look at the many exciting new components of the enhanced R900® System, and how they’re leveraging migratable AMR technology to achieve the full benefits of AMI. We’ll also see how your utility can reap the greatest benefit from your high-value accounts through strategic deployment of R900® Gateway data collectors. Another route for greater utility efficiencies is through Neptune’s Connected Utility Partnership Program, which enables your personnel, departments, and systems to form a smart water network.

Neptune’s N_SIGHT IQ won a Partners in Innovation Award in the first annual “Amazon City on a Cloud Innovation Challenge”. It’s yet another example of our commitment to maximizing utility resources through the principles of Effective Utility Management, which you can investigate in depth in these pages.