NeoTech D438™

Source: NeoTech Aqua Solutions, Inc.

The NeoTech D438™ is specially designed to disinfect water and is an essential component in advanced oxidation processes.

This high-efficiency UV system utilizes NeoTech Aqua’s patented ReFleX™ chamber technology, reflecting over 99% of the 254nm UV generated. It is the highest efficiency, smallest footprint, and lowest operating cost UV system in the water treatment industry.

With only two thirty-eight inch lamps, the D438™ provides users the most convenient and lowest cost service schedule of any low pressure or medium pressure UV system today.

Product Benefits

  • Dual lamp efficiency processes up to 500 gallons per minute
  • 75% smaller footprint compared to standard UV systems
  • May be mounted vertically or horizontally
  • Up to four units may be controlled with a single micro-control box
  • Built for 120V or 230V single phase power providing maximum flexibility
  • No flow, no problem – guaranteed 60 minutes
  • Water contact finish – Ra-15
  • Controller- Remote
  • Alarms, Remote Control, 4-20 mA output
  • Real time dosimetry, 100% dosage assurance – with constant flow
  • UV monitor is NIST traceable
  • Sanitization in place – hot water or steam
  • No-tool lamp change• NSF Standard 50 certified
  • Warranty one year parts and labor