NeoTech CU-4 X™

Source: NeoTech Aqua Solutions, Inc.

The NeoTech CU4-X™ UV Water Treatment Control Interface is a remote and compact master controller capable of managing up to four NeoTech ultraviolet water treatment chambers independently and simultaneously.

Such unique versatility facilitates the economical integration of redundant and multi-chamber systems into a water treatment system.

The unit’s menu-driven firmware includes a variety of convenient options so users may customize the operation and monitoring of their UV systems, ensuring all UV units meet the plant’s process requirements.

NeoTech’s CU4-X™ is powered by a single-phase 120V or 230V power input for easier installation and more economical operation. Further, minimum diameter electrical cords are used for system signal interface. No transformers or conduit are required.

Product Benefits

  • Remote UV dosage reading 4-20 mA Signal Lines
  • Alarms (Lamp Out, UV Intensity Low, Power)
  • Run-time hours
  • Remote ON/OFF
  • NEMA 4X enclosure
  • 3-bit closed contact status signal