Application Note

NEOSEP® Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) System Simplifies Installation And Maintenance

Source: Veolia Water Technologies

The NEOSEP® MBR system features Kruger’s uniquely designed K-120C and K-240C flat sheet membrane modules.  The modules offer several innovative design features that enhance ease of installation, operation and maintenance.  This includes an integrated central lifting eye, offering an incredibly well balanced module that makes installation and retrieval a simple and stress-free process.  Air scour diffusers are integral to the module and require no flushing or purging.  All permeate and air piping is internal to the membrane module with connection points at the top of the unit for very easy connection/disconnection without entry into the membrane tank.  There are no connections to the tank; rather, a separate guidance system is put in place to allow the complete unit to be removed and reinstalled without drawing the tank.