News | May 26, 2023

National Ground Water Association Publishes White Paper On PFAS Sampling

Paper provides practical guidance on sampling “forever chemicals”.

The National Ground Water Association has recently published a new white paper focused on guidelines for PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances) sample collection. The paper, Practical Guide for PFAS Sampling, was produced by a group of experts and NGWA volunteers with extensive knowledge of PFAS sampling.

Due to the heavy presence of PFAS in our environment, sampling is often a challenge due to issues of cross-contamination and difficulties maintaining quality samples in the field. The white paper provides groundwater professionals guidance in overcoming these obstacles and advice on planning effective PFAS sampling projects.

Accurate sampling of PFAS is vital because the data received provide insights into their potential health risks and what strategies should be used for remediation or water treatment. The white paper is currently available for purchase on NGWA’s website and is offered free to all NGWA members.

NGWA has long been a leader in PFAS research, publishing one of the first practical PFAS guidance documents and regularly producing resources on the impacts of PFAS in groundwater.

About National Ground Water Association
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Source: National Ground Water Association