News | July 17, 2014

NanoH2O Founder And CEO Jeff Green Joins NeoTech Aqua Solutions' Board Of Directors

Source: NeoTech Aqua Solutions, Inc.

Validated disruptive UV technology positions company for rapid growth

NeoTech Aqua Solutions, Inc., the industry leader in High-Efficiency Ultraviolet (UV) water treatment systems proudly announces the addition of Jeff Green to its Board of Directors.

The appointment of Mr. Green to NeoTech Aqua’s Board coincides with the company’s recently announced validation of their UV technology in select municipal systems and in anticipation of the release of NeoTech Aqua’s large capacity MagnumUV system in Q3, 2014. With over four hundred UV systems deployed globally, NeoTech’s patented technology reduces spatial requirements by 75%, reduces power and operational expenses by up to 90%, and reduces maintenance and parts requirements by up to 90% compared to conventional UV systems.

“NeoTech Aqua has demonstrated significant energy reduction, operational savings and footprint reduction at the municipal and industrial scale for a rapidly growing global customer base,” comments Mr. Green. “With a robust and patented reflective UV technology combined with an experienced team, NeoTech Aqua is poised to become a market share leader in the UV marketplace for water treatment.”

Mr. Green currently serves as founder and CEO of NanoH2O, a global provider of reverse osmosis membranes that leverage nanotechnology to lower the cost of desalination. Since 2007, Mr. Green has overseen the rapid development of nanocomposite membranes from bench-scale research to next-generation commercial technology with over 150 installations in 36 countries in the 3 years since market launch. In April of 2014, NanoH2O was acquired by LG Chem, the $22B leading global chemical company of the LG Group, for a reported $200M.

“Jeff has a demonstrated ability to accelerate market acceptance of unique water treatment technologies globally,” says Stephen Dunham, NeoTech Aqua’s President and CEO. “He appreciates the importance of leveraging technology to create substantial energy and economic efficiencies for customers, the cornerstone of NeoTech Aqua’s UV value proposition. The addition of such a respected entrepreneur in our industry fits well with NeoTech Aqua’s growth trajectory in both the industrial and municipal UV markets.”

About NeoTech Aqua Solutions
NeoTech Aqua Solutions specializes in the development, manufacturing and sales of High-Efficiency UV Systems for disinfection and TOC reduction in water treatment plants. Since 2002, the company has secured multiple patents on the UV technologies which reduce power consumption, space requirements and operational costs by up to 90% compared to standard UV systems. For more information, visit

SOURCE: NeoTech Aqua Solutions, Inc.