MSD Series High Pressure Feed Pump

Source: Fluid Equipment Development Company (FEDCO)

The MSD Centrifugal High Pressure Pump Series is the world's most efficient centrifugal high pressure feed pump serving desalination applications, delivering up to 87% transfer efficiency. It is available for flow rates of 20-1080 m3/hr (88-4755 gpm), and is rated up to 1200 psi (82 bar) when used in conjunction with standard RO equipment. Higher pressures can also be achieved for ultra-high pressure (UHP) RO applications. It is constructed using Super Duplex Stainless Steel for corrosion resistance, and is lubricated entirely by the pumpage, which eliminates the need for oil- or grease-based lubricants. Download our specification sheet to find out more.


  • Patented Water Bearing TM Technology
  • All Super Duplex investment cast construction
  • Balanced Impellers
  • Rotatable inlet connection
  • Mechanical Seal Cartridge easily accessible
  • Precision leveling feet for easy alignment

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