Brochure | March 7, 2018

MRI Water Treatment Package Systems Brochure

Source: Parkson Corporation

Engineered for rugged precision, the MeurerMBR Wastewater Package System is a plug-and-play, highly efficient, space-saving one-stage system that combines biological wastewater treatment with membrane filtration to produce high-quality effluent free of biomass, bacteria and particles. The MeurerMBR is California Title 22 Certified and is suitable for effluent recycling and non-potable reuse.

Benefits include energy-efficient operation, significantly higher effluent quality, optimal flux, and increased capacity—all in a footprint 30% smaller than conventional wastewater treatment. Systems are available in flows ranging from 5,000 GPD to 50,000 GPD and are ideal for use when construction space and costs are constrained, including:

  • Rural settings
  • Low-volume treatment plants
  • Campgrounds
  • Mancamps
  • Industrial applications