Brochure | March 7, 2018

MRI Hoseless Cable-Vac™: The Optimal Choice For Sludge Collection

Source: Parkson Corporation

Meurer Research, Inc. began developing high-quality equipment in 1978 to provide water and wastewater treatment facilities with effective, reliable and economical methods of removing sludge from sedimentation basins. Over the years, MRI has built upon these standards by incorporating new ideas and technology into the design and manufacture of its products. The result is three fully engineered devices: one based on suction, the Hoseless Cable-Vac; one based on scraping, the U/S Ultra-Scraper; and one based on tradition, the Retro Cable-Vac.

MRI U/S Ultra-Scraper doubles performance. Equipped with double-acting, reciprocating linear blades, the MRI U/S Ultra-Scraper is two times more effective than conventional scrapers. The high-capacity system has four key components:

  • Two transport racks with scraper blades are assembled without field welding
  • Reliable drive unit uses either hydraulic or electric power
  • Cross collector optimizes sludge removal
  • MRI’s signature control system offers easy adaptability