Brochure | March 7, 2018

MRI Flocculation Systems™: Mix & Match For Maximum Pretreatment Control

Source: Parkson Corporation

Today, with increasingly stringent regulations and the quick adoption of membrane filtration, the pressure is on for all stages of pretreatment—chemical feed, flocculation, sedimentation and filtration—to act in concert.  In response, Meurer Research, Inc. has developed MRI Flocculation Systems™—integrating essential flocculation components into multi-stage systems with self-cleaning hydraulic final stages, maximizing versatility and performance.

Optimize pretreatment with multi-stage MRI Flocculation Systems. MRI’s innovative multi-stage flocculation system eliminates the trade-offs typically associated with G-value turbulence and
delivers maximum control and efficiency for every pretreatment stage. By staging mechanical and hydraulic flocculators and leveraging a maximum range of G-values—from 2,000 to 0—MRI Flocculation Systems help operators fine-tune flocculation. In addition, MRI partners with specialty chemical manufacturers to provide systems with superior ability to accommodate seasonal changes in raw water conditions.