Monoclor® RCS Chloramine Residual Management System

Source: UGSI Solutions, Inc.

Monoclor Chloramine Residual Management System

The Monoclor® RCS chloramine management system generates a constant and reliable chloramine residual within the reservoir by creating a homogeneous mixture, introducing chemicals rationally and monitoring the equilibrium with control logic in real time. The system accomplishes all of this with a selection of mixing technologies.

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The Tank Shark® mixer transfers its applied motive energy to the mass of water in the reservoir, placing it in motion. The nozzle motive energy functions to move colder water from the base of the reservoir up to and on top of the warmer stratified layers. This thermal disruption causes additional mixing beyond the energy associated with the nozzle itself. Chemical injection occurs in the violent area of the nozzle discharge allowing for complete mixing and distribution of the applied chemicals.


The upward rotational force generated by the Tank Shark® mixing system achieves a homogeneous mixture and eliminates thermal stratification, aged water, ice, and prevents structural damage. The Tank Shark® mixer achieves a homogeneous mix within 4 hours.


If the residual drops below a predetermined set point, chlorine and/or ammonia are injected into the upward flowing stream of water for dilution and mixing within the tank volume. The Monoclor process is completely compatible with gas chlorine, hypochlorite and onsite generated hypochlorite. When chloramine delivery is a requirement, Liquid Ammonium Sulphate, LAS, is the feedstock of choice.

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