Model 420-Cylinder Mounted Regulator

Source: JCS Industries Inc.

The JCS Industries Model 420-Cylinder Mounted Regulator is designed for years of safe and reliable service.

This robust design includes a machined front and back body, internal (non-latching) switching mechanism, internal pressure relief vent and a nonmetallic inlet valve assembly. The Model 420-C Vacuum Regulator is direct cylinder mounted or can be installed on multiple cylinder pressure headers.

The JCS Model 420-C operates as a pressure reducing valve to transfer gas under pressure to gas under vacuum within the chemical feed system.

Installed between the cylinder of the chosen gas and the Chemical Feeder Model 4200, the Model 420 will switch from one cylinder to the next one in line as soon as the gas in the first cylinder is depleted. An internal switchover valve is automatically activated in the event of gas supply failure; the reduction of the vacuum will isolate the regulator diaphragm cavity from pressurized pipe work.