Model 4180 All Vacuum Chemical Feeder

Source: JCS Industries Inc.

The JCS Industries Model 4180 All Vacuum Chemical Feeder is for operations that require high efficiency, accuracy, control and safety. The Model 4180 will feed chlorine dioxide solution used in municipal and industrial water treatment systems.

The system is comprised of a vacuum injector to safely introduce chlorine gas and sodium chlorite simultaneously into the feed-water stream.

Dual reversing servo motors coupled with a V-notch valve to regulate the chemical feedrate, an electronic flow sensor for the Sodiumchlorite, and a calibrated borosilicate glassrotameter for Cl2 gas to generate a >95% ClO2solution. The unique design allows for acontinuous adjustment of both chemicalsbased of the actual Chlorite feed rate toensure accurate feed throughout the desiredrange. Internal electronics allow for feedsystem to be remotely monitored andcontrolled from users SCADA.

The JCS Model 4180 Chlorine Dioxide Generator will automatically regulate in both fixed and variable control modes.

Control Modes:

  • Fixed Feed Rate
  • Flow Paced
  • Residual Control
  • Compound Loop