Mobile Water Solutions

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Mobile Water Solutions

Managing water scarcity, transportation and disposal costs, regulatory requirements, water stewardship, risk mitigation.

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Patented electrocoagulation technology providing optimal results to reduce treatment costs.

Seamless Water Treatment Integration
A single-source solution for mobile or fixed-location water treatment for reuse or discharge, BakerCorp Water Treatment Solutions offer heavy metals removal, oil & grease removal, reduction of ammonia, cyanide, BOD, and total organics, reduction of scaling compounds, including calcium, iron, silica, and sulfides and non-chemical biocide.

Baker’s state-of-the-art electrocoagulation technology includes multiple designs to enhance treatment, improve operations, and reduce treatment costs to improve your bottom line.

Mobile Water Treatment
With patented and innovative electrocoagulation technology at its core, BakerCorp Water Treatment Solutions deliver unparalleled mobile water treatment when and where you need it.

Backed by the industry’s premier water management provider, Baker is on the job with nationwide locations, the largest rental fleet of equipment and on-site operational support for specialized applications:

  • Produced and Flowback Water
  • Industrial Wastewater
  • Process Water
  • Environmental Remediation
  • Construction Dewatering
  • Mine Drainage
  • Mineral Processing
  • Municipal Wastewater
  • And More...

Best-In-Class Optimization:

  • Patented electrode cartridges improve speed and ease of removal and change out
  • Non-chemical cleaning methods reduce or eliminate the need for chemical clean-in-place
  • Proprietary power application methods and patented use of segmented plates means better treatment with less fouling with a smaller treatment system
  • Most efficient power consumption in the industry
  • Provide clean, treated water for discharge or reuse, reducing or eliminating the need for costly disposal and fresh water consumption

Learn More about Kaselco electrocoagulation treatment—the technology that powers Baker's Water Treatment Solutions.

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