Mobile Offerings

Source: Veolia Water Technologies

Mobile Offerings

Veolia Water Technologies provides mobile water and wastewater treatment solutions to cover emergency, temporary or long-term water treatment needs. These solutions are deployed via stand-alone units or in combination to form complete systems with state-of-the-art purification technologies. Mobile solutions use our ACTIFLO®, Hydrotech Discfilter™, reverse osmosis, ion exchange and multimedia filtration technologies, delivered through trailers, containers and skid-mounted systems.

Mobile solutions including modular treatment plants for industries with short, mid, or long-term purified water needs.

Mobile Water Services Applications include:


  • Using ACTIFLO® TURBO technology to maximize treatment capacity and minimize footprint 
  • For turbidity/TSS reduction, metals removal, color and organic removal and other precipitation/settling applications 
  • Effluent turbidities down to 1 NTU. Flows up to 1,500 GPM per trailer 
  • Influent TSS levels up to 2,500 ppm

Chemical Softening 

  • Using ACTIFLO® TURBO technology to maximize capacity and minimize footprint and energy consumption 
  • Hardness, alkalinity and silica reduction through lime and soda ash addition 
  • Flows up to 1,100 GPM per trailer

Reverse Osmosis 

  • Capacities up to 900 GPM per trailer 
  • Brackish water and seawater membranes available 
  • High recovery technology, delivering up to 96% of influent flow


  • Using Discfilter technology with polyester medias as fine as 10 micron 
  • Stainless steel media also available 
  • Flows up to 6,000 GPM per trailer
  • Influent TSS levels up to 200 ppm

Polishing Demineralization 

  • Flows to 300 GPM per Service DI trailer
  • Remotely regenerated - no regenerate chemical storage or neutralization required on site 
  • Mixed-bed resins can deliver conductivities as low as 0.06 micromho-cm

Specialty Ion Exchange 

  • Specialty ion exchange resins available for metals removal and other specialty applications 
  • Flow to 150 GPM per vessel


Industries Served

  • Ag Processing 
  • Commercial & Industrial
  • Chemical & Petrochemical 
  • Food & Beverage 
  • Pharmaceutical 
  • Mining & Ore Refining 
  • Oil & Gas 
  • Power & Cogeneration 
  • Primary Metals 
  • Refining 
  • Water Utilities