Case Study

Mixers Prevent Buildup And Reduce Wetwell Cleaning Charges

Source: Flygt -- A Xylem Brand

The City of Reno, NV, has long battled the buildup of fats, oils, and grease in the wetwells of wastewater lift stations in the valleys within this high desert city. Recently, the city set out to address the problem and reduce the associated costs.

Instead of continuing the frequent wetwell cleanouts at 28 lift stations, Ariaz and Pete Galati of the local Flygt office tested an alternative, which was to install a Flygt Model 4630 mixer to prevent buildup in the wetwell of a test station, which serves an area of mixed warehouse and housing customers.

After several months of testing, Sallaberry and his lift station workforce saw a significant reduction in man hours (8) and wet well cleaning charges ($700) per incident.