MicroShield Technology

Source: Mainsail Global


Our diffusers can last upwards of 10 years. It isn’t science fiction. It’s simply science, multiplied by our MicroShield Technology to protect against degradation.

MicroShield Technology provides flexible fine bubble wastewater aeration membranes with highly active antimicrobial agents which are registered around the world for use in industrial product applications. The state-of-the-art technology is approved for use by the EPA and allowed by the FDA.

The MicroShield Technology utilizes cutting edge, highly active, broad-spectrum biocides amongst other proprietary technologies to deliver an anti-microbial, anti-fungal, biocide protective additive package which is fully incorporated into the diffuser membrane itself as an inert; yet functional aspect of the elastomeric compound.

The key functionality of MicroShield Technology is that it offers functional protection in application against fungi, bacteria and algae; whereas typical antimicrobial technologies may offer protection against one of the previously mentioned organic fouling mechanisms if any.

General Properties of MicroShield Technology:

  • Inhibits/prevents the surface growth of fungi (yeast and mold types)
  • Inhibits/prevents the growth of algae
  • Inhibits/prevents the growth of a wide spectrum of both +/- Gram bacteria
  • Inhibits/prevents diffuser membranes against microbial degradation which can in turn lead to eventual loss of diffuser flexibility and cracking and/or tearing along the micro perforations

Mainsail Global Flexible Diffuser Membranes with MicroShield:

  • COLUMBUS – Premium EPDM Flexible Diffuser Membrane MICROSHIELD™ TECHNOLOGY