Brochure | March 31, 2014

Microbubble Turbine Aeration System Brochure

Source: ClearBlu Environmental

All wastewater treatment systems have one thing in common…they need oxygen, and LOTS of it. The good news is that there has been a breakthrough in aeration technology resulting in an affordable, highly effective aerator. The name is VaraCorp's Aeration System and it holds the promise of being the most efficient aerator on the market.

Does your waste treatment system need a boost in performance? Do you need low-cost help in meeting regulatory requirements for wastewater discharge? Do you need an affordable back-up system to keep your operations underway when your main facility is down for repair?

The Microbubble Turbine Technology is your answer. It generates an unbelievable barrage of entrained oxygen molecules and then injects them into your treatment stream or lagoon. The unit is quiet, light weight, and virtually maintenance free. Plus, it can be easily moved from place to place as needed within your treatment system.