Company Profile | October 4, 2000

Metretek, Inc.

Metretek, Incorporated was founded in 1977 in Melbourne, Florida, based on a patented technology that uses the existing voice telephone network in a unique way. The company developed the Advance Instruction System (AIS), a family of products based on the patented technology, to provide utility companies with a method to automatically and remotely read customer meters and report alarm conditions without having to install special communications lines.

In its early years, Metretek sold automatic data-collection systems to electric, gas, and water utilities as well as systems for vending machine and office copier remote monitoring. In the mid 1980s, Metretek recognized some special needs of gas utility companies and developed new hardware and software products to address those specific needs. The new products were well received by the gas utility industry, and at that time the company made a strategic decision to focus its future sales and product development efforts on the natural gas industry.

Deregulation of the natural gas industry began with the Natural Gas Policy Act of 1986, and increased gas company needs for more timely and accurate metering data and information that would allow them to compete effectively and be profitable in a deregulated environment.

Currently, Metretek has installed over 100 systems at gas companies in North America that are being utilized to monitor and record the gas consumption of commercial and industrial customers. Gas Company Operations, Engineering, Supply, Control, Accounting, and Marketing Departments are utilizing Metretek analysis and usage reports hourly, daily, and monthly to nominate, deliver, balance, and bill industrial and commercial transactions.