Membrane Systems For Dirty Water


One of the leading water technology companies, Dow Water and Process Solutions, is pioneering ways to improve our water supply — by making the dirtiest waters clean again.

Membranes are capable of producing very clean water, but they are sensitive to nasty feed water, which can clog and foul the system.

But Dow Water and Process Solutions is focused on making even difficult waters available for reuse via membrane treatment.

Cedella Beazley, Dow’s business unit director, explains:

“Wastewater treatment is incredibly complex. You’ve got to really understand the components and the constituents in your water, and then you’ve got to identify the right unit operations, the right technologies that you need to apply to remove them, so that water can be reused and put back into the system.

“Our products are the parts of a water treatment system that really do all the hard work, take out your dissolved and your suspended solids, so that you can put your water to good use.”

In particular, Dow launched a product recently that expands reuse options.

“We’ve got one … called a TEQUATIC PLUS Filter — we just launched it in a plug-and-play skid system,” Beazley reports. “What this filter does is it operates in those high-solids spaces, where your water is really yucky. It removes those solids in a cost-effective, efficient way that gives the end-use customer much higher reliability, less downtime. You’re not making regular filter changes, and it operates at very, very low energy, which ultimately saves operating costs and minimizes chemical use in a water treatment system.”

Learn more by tuning in to the full interview below.

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