Case Study

Membrane Filtration Water Treatment Plant Meets Hotel Complex's Needs

Source: WesTech Engineering, Inc.

The Little America West Hotel complex located near the town of Granger, Wyoming, used an outdated surface water treatment plant that provided poor quality water during storm events. The surface water treatment plant used direct filtration granular media filters that not only had difficulty in meeting required turbidity standards, but also had undesirable taste and odor problems with the finished water.

During spring runoff, water from filtration was consistently poor in quality and clean water had to be trucked in. The exense of trucking water, in addition to projected future water needs, necessitated a new water treatment plant at the hotel complex.

The Little America receives its raw water from the Green River through a six-milelong pipeline. Being that the Green River has widely varying seasonal fluctuations in water quality, particularly in turbidity and TOC, the engineer selected a membrane system to provide consistently clean, high quality water.