Meet The World's Most Advanced, Cost Effective, And Simplest Ozone Generator Technology

Source: Pinnacle Ozone

Ozone is one of the strongest and most powerful oxidants available. As an oxidant, ozone is approximately 50% more powerful than chlorine.

Many Operators report that traditional ozone systems are difficult to operate, large and complicated, and requiring frequent maintenance. Pinnacle Ozone Solutions' revolutionary QuadBlock® ozone cells simplify the ozone process, ensuring our products are modular, reliable and both energy and cost efficient.

Watch this informative video to learn how all of Pinnacle's systems are designed around the "Process First" concept with completely integrated controls and instrumentation for the entire ozone system. This approach allows Pinnacle to deliver systems that are 20% to 40% more energy-efficient and about 50% smaller than competing conventional systems of the same capacity.