Case Study

Meet (Or Beat) EPA Nitrate MCLs With An AdEdge Packaged Nitrate Removal System

Source: AdEdge Water Technologies, LLC.

A food processing plant in Lancaster County, PA,  had an average nitrate level of 14 mg/L in its raw water, much higher than the EPA primary MCL of 10 mg/L. The existing 0.7 MGD system consisted of a single well pump feeding multiple atmospheric storage tanks coupled with final UV disinfection at a design flow rate of over 500 gpm.

To reduce the elevated levels of nitrate, the plant implemented a packaged nitrate removal system from AdEdge Water Technologies. The new system featured a skid-mounted AD-NO3 anion exchange package unit sized for a maximum design flow of 350 gpm, and it has an automated control valve and harness, central programmable logic controller (PLC) and control panel. An online nitrate monitor provides continuous monitoring for compliance. 

Download this case study to find out how the all-in-one nitrate removal system helped the plant avoid EPA violations and reach its nitrate removal treatment goal of 8 mg/L.

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