News | August 27, 2019

Mccrometer, Inc. Releases Redesigned Dial Faces

McPropeller flow meter.

McCrometer, Inc., a globally recognized flow meter manufacturer, recently announced the redesign of the dial faces that accompany its propeller meters. McCrometer’s McPropeller offers digital displays as well as analog (dial) displays as well, measuring flow in a variety of units. Despite the surge in digital registers and telemetry units recently, classic mechanical registers are still high in demand, prompting a ‘face lift’ for the dial faces McCrometer uses in tandem with propeller meters.

“Our meters are custom made to fit each unique application, and our old dial faces were pretty standard compared to how tailor-made our products are,” commented Rafael Huerta, Sustaining Engineer. “We wanted to create an analog display that caters more to the needs of our customer base, and the new design reflects that.”

The new dial faces are laser-engraved rather than printed, a result of the new proprietary engraving software program developed by McCrometer’s engineering team. The program allows for full customization of the analog display’s units and variables, and to be constructed wholly in-house, leading to faster production time.

“Propeller meters have been a fundamental flow measurement device for more than 60 years for our customers,” said Aimee Davis, Product Manager for propeller meters. “Many customers love our electromagnetic and differential pressure meters, but the propeller meter is a classic, and the mechanical register is still a preferred and trusted device for much of our customer base. It’s important to innovate where our customers deserve it.”

The new design of the analog registers will be available on all McPropeller meters beginning August 2019. For more information on McCrometer meters and registers, or to request a quote, visit

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Source: McCrometer, Inc.