News | August 27, 2020

McCrometer, Inc. Announces Telemetry Capability For Electromagnetic Meters


McCrometer, Inc., a globally recognized flow meter manufacturer, recently announced the launch of their redesigned telemetry offering for their electromagnetic (mag) product line of flow meters.

Telemetry capability allows a user’s flow meter to send the flow rate and totalizer information to the user, preventing the need to visit the flow meter to record data and manage water usage. McCrometer customers have had the ability to implement telemetry for their propeller meters by means of FlowConnect™, the telemetry-on-board unit, and for mag meters through an RTU (radio transmission unit). Whereas FlowConnect is a carefully developed product launched in 2017 for the Mc®Propeller and Water Specialties propeller lines, FlowConnect isn’t compatible with mag meter products. As the FlowConnect solution for propeller telemetry grew in popularity, so did the interest in a mag meter telemetry solution. In response, McCrometer partnered with sister company OTT HydroMet, another Danaher company, to offer a streamlined telemetry option that makes ordering easy, simplifies installation, and reduces the cost of ownership compared to previous offerings.

“As the demand for mag meters with telemetry increased, we saw a need to simplify our offering and reduce overall cost to make it a viable solution for our customers. OTT HydroMet’s newly released A760 RTU was the catalyst that enabled us to do that,” explained Aimee Davis, Product Manager. “Now, our mag customers can streamline their operations with our telemetry bundle and get the data they need in a convenient, efficient manner.”

This new bundled solution for mag telemetry utilizes both Verizon and AT&T communication protocols. Telemetry compatibility for mag meters means users can either retrofit existing mags to communicate via telemetry or have a new meter factory-enabled and bundled with telemetry. The telemetry bundle is offered for McCrometer’s FPI Mag®, SPI Mag®, Dura Mag®, McMag2000™, Mc®Mag3000, and Ultra Mag® meters.

“Our Ultra Mags are direct buried in various locations in Central California, and often our operators are located over an hour away from the units,” explains a Water Operations Manager for an agriculture-based Tulare County company. “It is absolutely necessary for our meters to transmit our flow data and reservoir levels using telemetry; our information tracking system requires frequent data about our recharge basins while in use. Each of the Ultra Mags with the telemetry RTUs, when operating, have provided the information which we require, and in an outlay that is useable for our analyses.”

McCrometer’s mag telemetry bundles include the RTU with antenna, mounting brackets with pole set, pulse output cable, and solar panel that helps the unit’s rechargeable batteries last longer. Digital setup is as simple as selecting pulse-out on the mag meter converter, plugging in the cable from the converter to the RTU, and mounting the unit.

The redesigned telemetry bundle is now available for mag meters and can be purchased by calling the factory directly, or through McCrometer authorized dealers and representatives. For more information on McCrometer mag meters and telemetry, visit the McCrometer Connect product page at

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Source: McCrometer, Inc.