News | February 11, 2020

McCrometer, Inc. Announces New McMag2000 Flow Meter

McCrometer, Inc., a globally recognized flow meter manufacturer, recently announced the upcoming launch of their newest product, the McMag2000™ flow meter.

Known for inventing America’s best-selling propeller flow meter, McCrometer has innovated in flow measurement devices since 1955, boasting an agricultural product line of both propeller and electromagnetic flow meters. The McMag2000 incorporates the best of each popular flow technology, including the “no-moving-parts” concept of electromagnetic meters and the wallet-friendly nature of propeller meters.

Developed for the dynamic ag-tech industry, the McMag2000 was revealed to attendees of the World Ag Expo in Tulare, CA this week, the world’s largest agricultural exposition. The McMag2000 is a saddle-style insertion electromagnetic flow meter, designed for the irrigation and water industry and best suited to applications like center pivot systems, well monitoring, surface water measurement, and more.

The McMag2000 aims to benefit farmers and irrigators by providing easy DIY installation and maintenance, for an overall low cost of ownership.

“When farmers need to repair or perform maintenance on a flow meter, they often need to shut down a line to remove the meter and send it back to the factory for service,” explains Aimee Davis, Product Manager for McCrometer. “Especially during a busy agriculture season, that can be a real hassle. The McMag2000’s design alleviates that headache completely in its design.”

The McMag2000 is modularly built, allowing each major component (saddle, electronic register, sensor, and other parts) to be independently replaced and self-serviced with little effort – and little budget.

“The in-field serviceability and price tag make the McMag2000 the farmer’s best friend,” Davis explains. “Its patented design creates minimal downtime and maximum control!”

The McMag2000 is currently available for pre-orders and will be fully launched at the end of March. For more information on McCrometer meters or to request a quote, visit

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McCrometer’s advanced flow measurement solutions solve complex challenges in agricultural irrigation, municipal and industrial water & wastewater, oil and gas, process control, power generation and institutional facilities. McCrometer high-performance products and systems are found in thousands of installations worldwide, proudly exceeding many of the world’s most demanding industrial, safety and quality standards. For more information, visit

Source: McCrometer, Inc.