News | March 29, 2022

Mazzei Injector Company And B.L. Anderson Join Forces

BL Anderson Company has teamed up with Mazzei Injector Company as its Manufacturer’s Representative for Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky. When Mazzei Injector was looking for the top representative firm in this area, no other candidate came close to BL Anderson. They’ve been doing an exceptional job serving the environmental processing industry since 1961.

As Jim Lauria, VP of Sales and Marketing at Mazzei, stated, “Like Mazzei, BL Anderson realizes the quality of their company sits in the hands of their staff, and with BL Anderson’s highly trained staff—over 200 years of combined experience in water and wastewater treatment—you get expert knowledge and dedication to customer satisfaction that can’t be beat.” In addition, BL Anderson offers vital parts and service necessary for water treatment facilities to operate at peak efficiency. Their full-service approach helps guarantee satisfied customers—ones that have their needs met promptly and accurately.

BL Anderson doesn’t add just any manufacturer to their environmental process treatment line card; they insist on only offering the best options to their customers. According to Rick Kocerha, President at BL Anderson, they were eager to add Mazzei Injector to their card. “The quality and innovative technology of Mazzei products and systems are outstanding, and their staff expertise and dedication to service is exactly what we look for in new manufacturers to represent. BL Anderson is looking forward to presenting Mazzei solutions to our customers to resolve their challenges.”

Mazzei Injector Company, LLC