Article | February 8, 2017

Marine Water Treatment For Oil & Gas: Intentional Maintenance Programs Prevent Violations And Loss Of Revenue

Source: De Nora

Oil and gas companies, whether in coastal or offshore settings, use water in various stages of production and for drinking and sanitary purposes. Process water, feed water and wastewater requires disinfection and filtration treatment prior to use, reclamation or discharge. Intentional maintenance is critical to safe, effective, and long-lasting marine water treatment equipment.

Due to ongoing Oil & Gas Industry downturn, rig operators face a lack of capital expenditure funds, reduced operating dollars, and minimized operations manpower to deal with distributed service vendors. Once the investment has been made into the equipment needed to safely and effectively treat shipboard water, not properly maintaining the equipment risks regulation violations associated with dumping untreated sewage water into the ocean; loss of oil revenue as a function of variable biofouling controlled water availability; and suboptimal production of drinking water on the platform. In a recent example, De Nora helped a multinational corporation in the petroleum industry improve its process water availability on their rigs to regain a 5% daily loss of oil-related revenue.

At De Nora Water Technologies, factory-trained technicians and engineers are available to service and maintain not only their own award-winning proprietary equipment for the oil and gas industry, but competitive technologies around the world.  Local service teams are based in North America, the Middle East, Europe and Asia, and authorized service representatives support customers in many other countries. These dynamic teams are cross-trained to deliver world-class service in any region, offering comprehensive maintenance and repair services on land and offshore locations around the world to keep oil and gas water treatment equipment operating properly and safely. The teams are trained to service recognizable, industry-leading brands like OMNIPURE® sewage treatment plants; SANILEC® and SEACLOR® seawater electrochlorination; and UAT™ reverse osmosis for seawater desalination, as well as equivalent technology competitive sewage treatment plants and biofouling control plants. A few examples of ongoing service and repair engagements as a multi OEM service provider include:

  • Routine service and repair contract for Korean manufactured offshore sewage treatment equipment in the Gulf of Mexico
  • Routine service and repair engagements for Finnish offshore sewage equipment manufacturers in the Gulf of Mexico
  • Routine service and repair for offshore biofouling control machines for 6 manufacturers in Middle East offshore, Gulf of Mexico, and Brazil offshore

The service teams, supported by experienced engineering staff, design cost-effective upgrades, refurbishments, and retrofitting solutions and deliver outstanding quality through a range of flexible service offerings with financing options available.

Service and support also includes a variety of training options covering product orientation, application, installation, calibration, operation, inspection, maintenance, testing, troubleshooting, safety, and ongoing regulatory compliance.