Guest Column | April 19, 2016

Making Water Quality Matter Every Day

By Hubert Colas, president, FluksAqua

Every day most of the developed world wakes up and turns on a tap to get water. Whether it’s for tea, coffee, or just a plain glass of water, most people can count on fresh, clean potable water just the way they like it.

It sounds really simple: just turn on the faucet, et voilà! But when you think about all the steps it takes to get the water from the source to people’s homes and offices, it’s quite a different story. And for water professionals, that’s the only story that matters.

Building Our Knowledge Base

Water operators and managers face a variety of daily challenges that push them to do the best they can for their customers and clients. Some of these challenges are unique and some of them are universal. For the past few months, we’ve been talking to experts on the front lines and a consistent theme has been emerging. More and more, we are hearing that it is time to tell our stories – as operators, managers, technicians – in all of their complexities. We’ve been hearing that it’s time to collaborate and work together on solving issues.

The goal is to engage a community of water professional innovators to exchange issues and find solutions among their peers on a variety of issues, from managing and supervising critical operational data to finding new ways to deal with water leaks, baby wipes, aging pipes, etc. Through the FluksAqua Forum, members are asking difficult questions – the ones that challenge us to look at our processes and to seek solutions that promote better stewardship of water services.

Supporting Collaboration

We believe facilitating collaborations across professional, municipal, legislative, and community networks leads to innovation and improved outcomes globally, not just locally. That’s why we want to innovate and offer a space for current leading data, software tools, and best practices.

At a time when global economies compel us all to look more carefully at our resources, it makes sense that we as an industry work together to share information, to share our best tips and tricks, and to push each other to solve problems and answer questions. Other industries do it; now it’s our chance to help each other.

As we continue to grow, our goal is to make FluksAqua an accessible resource for anyone working in the water industry globally. Water quality matters. Every day. In every way.