Making Sense Of Big Data

Andrew Chastain-Howley

Andrew Chastain-Howley, the Director of Water Solutions for the Smart Integrated Infrastructure Group at Black & Veatch, is teaching water and wastewater operators how to juggle. Not literally,  but that's the metaphor he uses to describe the role of the plant manager — even the best can only juggle a few balls (i.e., tasks) at a time.

"Big Data is way, way, way beyond that," he explains. "We create machinery to handle more."

Big Data not only provides actionable operational intelligence for day-to-day efficiency and reliable water quality, it can also be used to develop a proactive approach to asset management, thereby reducing plant downtime and virtually eliminating excessive maintenance.

It's a trend that is still in its infancy, according Chastain-Howley, but one that is destined to be widely implemented and is well worth the investment.

The key is how to leverage all the data available to maximize impact, and that is Chastain-Howley's area of expertise. Hear more of his take on Big Data in the interview below.

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