Case Study

MS Series Bar Screen Handles Conditions Where Other Screens Failed

Source: Headworks International Inc.

The Cadiz street Pump Station in Dallas, Texas collects wastewater and pumps it across the Trinity River to the Central Wastewater Treatment Plant. In 2000, Headworks® Inc. was awarded a contract for two Headworks MS Series Bar Screens to replace equipment installed in 1999 that had failed under extreme flow conditions and flooded the Pump Station.

There were several challenges associated with the installation. First, the older design of the building was not crane accessible. Second, the channel length was limited and required both screens to operate vertically at a 90° angle. Headworks addressed these challenges by supplying the 43.82 feet (13.4 meters) long bar screens in three sections. Integral bypass capability was also engineered for each screen to protect the pump station from flooding, if the screens were down for any reason in the future.